Court cases, both criminal and civil, can be complex undertakings, and lawyers can’t do everything. That’s why they depend on reputable private detective agencies like Bitterroot Investigations that can provide investigative and litigation support. Our investigators can be of support to individuals,
companies, and attorneys by performing broad background examinations and comprehensive research.

From the initiation of a lawsuit, during the fact-collection process, the negotiation stage and ultimately to the point of agreement or judgment, Bitterroot Investigations will work to gain applicable facts
essential to your victory in the courtroom.

Why choose us?

Bitterroot Investigations has extensive expertise with the collecting, handling, and protection of evidence and our due diligence assures it is the best evidence that will be warranted admissible in the courtroom. With our diverse and vast experience, we understand everything it requires helping you build a sound, able-bodied case for your clients.
Bitterroot Investigations