10 Signs That Your Partner Is Cheating

Suspect of a cheating husband or cheating wife? Of course, we all hate to even think about it, but unfortunately the ugly truth is that several studies have shown that the percentage of men and women who have admitted to infidelity is higher than ever. Although you’re likely to think ‘my partner would never do that to me’, while we hope you’re right, knowing what signs to look out for can be a real asset. If your partner is cheating on you, you deserve to know and to make well-informed decisions on how (and if) you wish to proceed. If you already have suspicions your partner might be cheating on you, you should have a look at the list below. Over the course of doing numerous spousal infidelity cases, we have listened to the red flags and suspicions our clients have come to us with. Does this sound like your partner’s recent behavior?

A Sudden Need For Secrecy

    : You partner has a new found interest in security and privacy. This is a red flag. Examples to look out for include hiding the phone screen from view, clicking out of websites or emails when you enter their personal space, (changed) passwords on their computer, phone or other devices and a sudden extraordinary interest in your schedule.

Dressed To Impress

      When people are having affairs, they basically shift into ‘dating-mode’. Consider how people behave when they have just started dating someone: they get all dressed up, put extra attention into their looks, wear a nice perfume, etc. Examples to look out for: Your partner suddenly pays attention to things they didn’t seem to care as much for in the past, such as certain types of fancy clothing, perfume, how their body composition, their physique in general, or for instance the trimming of body hair in ways/places they didn’t use to. A person who cheats might also invest in other ‘shiny objects’ to impress the new subject of their affection, such as expensive cars or jewelry. These shiny objects could also be romantic gifts. Either way, these are definitely red flags.

Something In Their Schedule Doesn’t Seem To Add up

 Having an affair and cheating on your spouse takes time. This time has to be added into your significant other’s schedule. As you’re probably very familiar with their schedule, if their schedule suddenly changes drastically, while their work and/or family situation has not changed, this should be considered a red flag. Things to look out for include: often working late, more time spent ‘out with friends’ than usual, their drive home takes much longer than usual (while traffic on the route is generally predictable).


       When a person cheats on their spouse or partner, it is very common that a lot about them changes. There might be sudden changes in their personality, they can seem angry all the time, more negative in general, very critical of everything or even unusually cheerful. This results from the psychological processes that are at work when a person is cheating on their significant other and something to look out for if other aspects in your partner’s life (seem to) have remained stable.


 If you and your partner have a shared bank account, this is definitely something to monitor. You might notice some transactions through the account that you cannot explain, such as expenditures at florists, jewelry stores, hotels or a higher amount than usual being spent on gas money.

If you keep your finances separate, this might be more difficult for you to notice, but definitely pay attention to a change in their spending habits or a display of unusual secrecy regarding their funds.

Glued To Technology

The recent developments in technology have made it easier than ever for a cheating partner to stay in touch with their lover, from any place they’d like. Apps with end-to-end encryption and apps with disappearing messages make easy work for a cheating husband or cheating wife attempting to conceal their messages. If your significant other is spending a lot of time on their phone, computer, tablet or other device, when they didn’t before your suspicions arose, this is a red flag.

They Spend Very Little Time With You

Cheating partners often create a lot of excuses to spend more and more time with their lover. If your partner is cheating, he/she can seem to spend a lot of time away from home: they suddenly work a lot, make excuses not to do things together on the weekends, make a lot of ‘quick trips to the grocery store’, spend an unusual amount of time in meetings or at bars with their friends. Whichever excuse is used, this leaves less quality time and attention for you. These things should be major red flags for you.

Less Overall Intimacy

 If your partner is getting their needs for affection met elsewhere, this may result in less interest in being affectionate towards you. They may not want to hold hands with you, you might notice you kiss less, it can seem like they have stopped noticing you and your partner might even stop sleeping with you (in both meanings of the word). This is a major red flag.

Others Tell You They Are Acting Suspicious

More often than not, other people in the direct surroundings of you and/or your partner notice changes in their behavior which can make them feel like something is ‘off’. If someone from your friends, coworkers, or even family comes to you and voices their concerns, take them seriously. They are the ones that can notice things you have a blind spot for, or when you are simply not around.

Your Gut Tells You So

If your intuition is telling you something’s ‘just not right’, you’re usually correct. Trust your gut. However, before confronting your partner and creating a potential major conflict between the two of you, you of course want to be certain. Falsely accusing a partner of cheating is a horrible thing that can change the dynamics of a relationship in a big way.

Have you read the list and are you suspicious of your partner’s behavior, but you want to be absolutely sure before you confront them? A surefire way to find conclusive evidence that can finally give you some peace of mind or help you make the decisions you need to make, is to hire a private investigator. A good private investigator can conduct a covert surveillance operation on your partner or spouse by conducting surveillance using specialized equipment so that your significant other will never know someone is monitoring them. The private investigator will collect the evidence you need to either know your partner is innocent and set your mind at ease or prove their guilt and enable you to make the next step in your relationship.

               High-quality private investigators are hard to find, our private investigators are committed to providing the highest level of customer satisfaction for infidelity cases. Please look at our spousal infidelity page to see some of the services our private investigators can offer with this type of case.