Our Solutions that work for you.

We as investigators are committed to providing a high standard of excellence to every one of our clients & partners, no matter how large or small the investigation.

Asset Investigations

Bitterroot Investigations is not a “point and click” type of research company but we instead focus on getting verified, actual source information that is conducted within Federal and State privacy legislation guidelines.

Social Media Investigations

Bitterroot Investigations social media investigations are extensive & comprehensive. Social media investigations can lead to evidence obtained for an insurance investigation, obtaining evidence for civil or criminal proceedings, or even someone’s peace of mind.


Bitterroot Investigations conducts place of employment searches. Knowing your subject’s current Place Of Employment is essential for successful debt recovery, for wage garnishment purposes and collection efforts. This POE search tool is also great for landlords seeking employment information for prospective tenants.


Bitterroot Investigations background Investigations provide a comprehensive report outlining a business or individual’s information and complete history utilizing investigator databases, courthouse records, real property information, and more.