Insurance Investigations

Uncover Insurance Fraud With Our Team

Our Missoula based insurance fraud investigators conduct workers comp and personal injury investigations. The leading role of a workers compensation investigator is to support the claims examiner or the defense attorney by conducting a thorough investigation. Our investigators will collect facts, organize those facts, and present them in an unbiased and thorough report.

Our investigators know from previous investigations what to follow for during workers comp claims and what types of proof our clients need to dispute the claim. We strive to capture activities contradictory to the plaintiff’s claim, such as a plaintiff who is claiming a leg injury and is viewed doing squats at the gym. Once our investigators have satisfactory proof or come to the end of our agreed contract, we produce a well-composed report and present any related background intelligence and recordings obtained in the client’s chosen format.

AOE/COE Investigations

Our approach to AOE/COE (Arising Out of Employment / Course of Employment) investigations start with a detailed list of objectives to ascertain whether the injury or illness was work-related and whether it took place during the injured worker’s employment.


You must prove that the claimant has committed fraud and submitted a fraudulent claim. Once surveillance has completed and we can prove that the claimant’s sole intentions were fraudulent, then you can file a civil lawsuit against the claimant to recover any fees related to our services.

At Bitterroot Investigations we strive to me each client’s unique requests, deadlines, and budget.  If you need an experienced Montana workers comp investigator, we can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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