Find Or Locate Your Missing Person

Whether you are attempting to locate an eyewitness, long-lost friend, a relative, or even a missing person whose disappearance has been submitted to law enforcement, Bitterroot Investigations offers solutions. Our private investigators employ a vast variety of skills, techniques, software, and equipment to search for and find missing people. As established private investigators, Bitterroot Investigations have a wealth of resources not available to the public.
Eye-witness testimonies time and time again change the course of a court trial. Criminal case or civil matter, Bitterroot Investigations understands how indispensable witnesses are to your case. Eye-witness testimony can acquit someone accused of a crime during cross-examination. Complications arise when people with helpful information are burdensome to locate. Witnesses may be difficult to pinpoint because they don’t know they have information helpful to the case or because they observed something take place and are afraid for their own wellbeing. Bitterroot Investigations will utilize our extraordinary skills to help you locate and interview witnesses that may have information to support your case.

What makes our locate services different from internet websites?

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Our private investigators have extensive experience in locating individuals who are deliberately attempting to avoid detection. Our investigators are experts in this field having located and arrested over 500 wanted individuals from around the United States with active felony and misdemeanor warrants.  If you need an experienced Montana person locate investigator, please do not hesitate to call Bitterroot Investigations.


If you find that you need more than just a basic locate or person search, our personalized background check services will give you all the intelligence you will need about someone’s background.
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